Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Late B days

HEY GUYS ITS ME!!!! Aaaaand school is out for me on May 27th and I am gunna tell u ill be bussy all summer.....BUT i will try to blog as much as i can. SUMMER IVE MISSED U TOO! I LUVLUVLUV summer. Anyway SATURDAY i went to my friend CJ'S b day party and saw pirates of the carribean stranger tides I LUV THIS ONE SOOO MUCH. it was fun and his b day is tomorrow actually so ill say HAPPY B DAY and since i didnt mention it to all of my other friends HAPPY LATE BDAY KATE ANNA PARKER OLIVE, MADDIE, OTHER ANNA, i forgot sum i think but HAPPY B DAY PEEPS I DIDNT SAY. lyals ;)

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