Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today is Thursday 7 and I totaly aced my science test when I totaly didn't study. Do you know the feeling when you're not prepared and you do good anyway? Well that's the feeling I have right now. I came home to a house with my sister's friend and her. I love it when my sis has friends over because they always love me. I guess I have a good family life. It's wierd, there is a girl at school who is wildly popular and has a football boyfriend. It remindes me of moveies and songs. I'm just bringing up random things right now. My friend,(one of my closest) and I are trying to figure out why the football guy who is also my friend, won't talk to me during the day but, will e-mail me. I e-mail my friend all the time and she talks to me. I get really suspicious. Speaking of e-mails the wildly popular girl won't e-mail me back. Her locker is right next to mine because she just had to
. Well that's all I'll blog ya when I blog ya. Make sure to respond to my poll. :D

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